Eyelight Dot Me

The Eyelight is a parasitic lamp, a reactive light with its own mind for your home: In its bright light cone an animated searching eye appears, which scans for and tracks nearby persons and observes them. This subtle superposition of additional functionality adds a whole spectrum of new dimensions to an everyday object transforming it into a complex piece of design that tells stories on various layers. Watch out: A thing that thinks, a demonic monocular little brother is watching you.

Little Brother is watching You

The Eyelight draws on the basic features of a familiar object: It is easy to use, just screw it in a household lamp socket and it will start up; and it has a clear primary function, that is to spend light. However by adding an intelligent layer this lamp opens a whole range of new dimensions, it becomes a thing that thinks.

This is in line with the general trend of putting more and more intelligence into objects from the smart fridge to cars with computer vision systems. The Eyelight takes that direction to a very far extend by amalgamating the physical qualities (illumination) and the superimposed imaging capabilities (media) very densely.

The Eyelight is a light bulb that can display images, sense its environment and has an integrated digital controller. It is a multidimensional design object at the intersection of physical, digital, and media design. Adding a precision control system to an array of high brightness LEDs transforms the ubiquitous object of a light bulb into a end node of a global surveillance system: A restless eye appears and is attracted to any nearby movement to gaze onto and analyze it.

The combination of object-based design, advanced technology, and metaphors, such as a third layer of intelligent skin, will be an important trend of the future resulting in hyper-functional objects: e.g. spending light, presenting information, intelligent interactive object, biological design (inspired by different metaphors for shape of the Eyelight: eye, sea urchin with its geometry of hard shelf protecting its inner body, a parasite/living in symbiosis…).

This eye appears by subtle brightness variations inside the lamp; it is in a transitional stage, intangible, unreal, but certainly there, silently watching the scene it illuminates. The poles of this dichotomic object are lamp and display, illuminating and absorbing, outward and inward.

Documentation Movie (3 minutes)

The Eyelight was developed by Simon Schießl and Felix Hardmood Beck. As designers and technical specialists we approached this topic by building an experimental working device aimed to open visions and trigger discussions for more market tailored follow-up developments.

For more information please visit www.eyelight.me or write an email to watchout@eyelight.me.